Single lashes are the ultimate treatment to enhance your eyes with longer, fuller and more beautiful lashes. Our technology is customizable, meaning you can choose the length, thickness and curvature to suit your unique style and personality. Forget mascara and clumsy eyelash curlers - wake up every morning with beautiful lashes.
    Single lashes are placed one by one on your own lashes to create more length and intensity.
    Single lashes are durable and save you time. The best part is that they look natural and stay in place. Regular refills maintain a neat result.
    This variant of eyelash extension suits you as:
    - Wish to strengthen eyelashes and eyes
    - Want a natural look
    - Have tried lash lift but think it gives a weak result

    - Want to avoid eyelash curlers and mascara
    Book your eyelash extension today and experience the magic of single lashes!

    Volume lashes offer the ultimate solution for creating fuller, thicker and dramatic lashes. Our technology is advanced and customized, allowing you to adapt the length, volume and curvature to your unique style.
    We create bundles of thin lashes which are then attached to your own lashes to create more volume and length.
    Volume lashes are not only durable but also save valuable time in your beauty routine. They provide a sophisticated beauty while maintaining a natural charm and intensity. Regular refills ensure that you maintain the results.
    This variant of eyelash extension suits you as:
    - Desire fuller and more dramatic lashes
    - Want a natural but look that at the same time gives an intense impression.
    - Want to save time and avoid mascara and eyelash curlers
    So, book your volume lash treatment today and experience the magic of volume lashes!

    Mix lashes are the perfect balance to achieve both fuller and natural lashes. Our advanced technology is tailored, allowing you to customize the length, volume and curve to meet your unique style.
    A combination of single lashes and bundles (volume lashes) are attached to your own lashes to create more definition and length.
    Blend lashes are both durable and time-saving, and they provide sophisticated beauty while maintaining a natural look and subtle intensity. Regular refills ensure you maintain your great look.
    This variant of eyelash extension suits you:
    - Who simply want a mix of both single lashes and volume lashes
    - Who wants a natural result
    - Which wants to highlight your eyes in a subtle way
    - Who wants a slightly more "mischievous" or "wispy" look
    Book your mixed lash treatment today and experience the magic of mixed lashes!

    Sometimes you may feel like it's time to say goodbye to your eyelash extensions and go back to your natural lashes. Eyelash extension removal is a safe and necessary process that we perform with precision and care.
    The removal of eyelash extensions is performed with a gentle and specially formulated gel that is applied to the lashes. This gel breaks down the glue that attaches the lashes to your natural lashes. After a few minutes, the lashes begin to loosen, and we can gently brush them away. The process is painless and is performed by our professional technicians.
    There are several reasons why someone may want to remove their eyelash extensions. This could be to give your natural lashes a break and let them recover, or if you've been to another practitioner and we need to remove previous work in order to do a new one.

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Do eyelash extensions wear on your own lashes?

Eyelash extensions, when performed correctly by a trained and certified technician, do not damage the natural lashes. It is important to look after each client's unique needs and not overload the lashes.

Do you have to wash your lashes?

Yes, wash your lashes every day with a lash shampoo
for reasons of hygiene and durability.

Can I use oil-based products on the lash extensions?

The reason why it is usually advised against
using products that contain oils is that they can loosen the glue to
the lash extension, which can lead to the lashes falling out prematurely

What to consider before eyelash extensions?

Come bare-faced with clean lashes, no products on
the lashes. You should not do eyelash extensions if you have/had an infection/vaginal in
the eyes at least 3 weeks before.

How do you know if you should book single/mix/volume lashes?

Before the treatment, we perform a short consultation
as well as looking over your own lashes. We start from your wishes and what
which can be achieved depending on the starting position and condition.

Can I wear mascara on eyelash extensions?

We advise against it due to hygiene reasons. Many do
eyelash extensions to avoid using mascara, it is not necessary.

How often should you refill?

It is recommended to do a refill every three or four weeks to maintain a nice result.

Can I remove the eyelash extension myself?

Avoid this so as not to cause unnecessary wear on
your lashes. Let us help you remove your lashes in a gentle way.

What should I avoid when having eyelash extensions?

Avoid getting wet, tanning in a solarium and taking a sauna
the first 24 hours after doing eyelash extensions to let the glue
harden properly. Do not pull/rub the lashes, this creates unnecessary wear and tear.

How common are allergic reactions?

It can occur, as with all treatments. The glue
which is used in eyelash extensions is strong. The allergic symptoms can cause
swelling around the eyes. The eyes water, become red and wary, which is a sign
on infection. If you experience itching or burning, contact us to help
you remove the eyelash extension.