Sophie Backlund

Salon owner, Royal artist in microblading 

In 2017 I started my career in the beauty industry and specialized in microblading.
Our first own salon, My Brow Bar, opened in October 2020. At the beginning of 2023, together with my colleague Julia, we expanded and opened our current studio, which spans an impressive 153 square meters.
My training includes expertise in the areas of microblading, combo brows, lash lift and brow lift.

Julia Rosander

Salon owner, nail technologist, lash lift & brow lift

During my time in high school, I went through the stylist program, and that's where my burning interest in beauty was sparked.
In October 2020, I took the big step of reducing my working hours at my previous job in order to invest more in my own business. That's when I joined My Brow Bar, where I am now a co-owner and have the privilege of working alongside a great group of colleagues.
Nowadays, I have trained in the areas of lash lift and brow lift and obtained certification as a nail technologist. I am also undergoing training in microblading.

Caroline Söderholm

Leg. nurse and certified injection therapist

I, Caroline, am the one who performs the treatments at Delatur. I am a registered nurse specializing in intensive care. I have undergone extensive training in injection technique as well as aesthetic injection treatments for fillers and Botox.
With me, you can always expect personal treatment and professional care. My main goal is for you to achieve 100% satisfaction, and to ensure this it is of utmost importance to me to work with the absolute best products and combine them in a way that gives the best possible results. Your beauty and well-being are our highest priority at Delatur.

Jasmine Lindgren

Certified stylist in lash & brow lift

Beauty has always been a passion of mine, and I have dreamed of working in this field since I was a child.
I took the step to start my own business in October 2020 and have had the privilege of working at My Brow Bar ever since.
Today I can proudly say that I am certified in both lash and brow lift, and my work is a passion that I follow with great dedication.

Nora Haglund

Certified lash stylist and lash & brow lift stylist

My interest in beauty began in my early teens. I started my journey by practicing at a spa in Sunne. After that, I decided to deepen my knowledge and trained as a lash stylist. I then took it a step further by taking part in a three-year course which made me a qualified hair and make-up artist.
Today I am proud to say that I am certified in eyelash extensions, lash lift, brow lift and hair and makeup artist. I have plans to expand my offering with more treatments in the near future, and I'm excited to see what the future holds!
I have recently become part of the amazing team at My Brow Bar in Örebro, together with some amazing girls who share my passion for beauty. I look forward to welcoming you and meeting your beauty needs with us!

Eva Nguyen

Certified stylist in lash & brow lift

In 2022, my beauty career started when I was employed at My Brow Bar. I am a certified lash & brow lift stylist and am currently taking a course to learn microblading.

With me you can often find evening times, and sometimes also weekend times.

Welcome to me!