Microblading has taken the beauty world by storm and exploded in recent years. It's not really that hard to understand why.
    With a tool, small hair-like incisions are created by hand in the skin. The result is amazingly natural! The method does not replace a made-up look, but here we add the strands that are "missing" your own and recreate symmetry and a shape that fits your face. The treatment is very superficial, which means that the pigmentation is not completely permanent, but needs to be improved approximately once a year or once every two years.
    If you have oily skin or want a more complete result, we recommend the combo method instead.
    NEW SET - 4600 SEK
    RE-VISIT WITHIN 2 YEARS - 2000:-

    There is really no method that is better than the other as it all depends on the skin type and the desired result. However, this method is our personal favorite as there are many options. It is exactly what it sounds like, a combination of straws and shading.
    This method usually has a longer shelf life than microblading alone, as more pigment is added using a machine that superficially creates a shadow on the skin. This shadow can be placed in different places and in different ways to achieve the desired result. For example, you can choose to add straws to the entire brow and shade along the tail, or shade the middle part of the brow to create more depth if your own brow lacks straws.
    NEW SET - 4600 SEK
    RE-VISIT WITHIN 2 YEARS - 2000:-

    If you are pregnant
    There is not enough research on whether the treatment can affect pregnancy. Hormones can also affect the results.
    If you are under 18 years of age
    We do not perform microblading on you who are under the age of 18.
    If you have a weakened immune system
    The risk of infection is greater if you have a weakened immune system. 
    If you have eczema, psoriasis, rosacea or any other skin disease around or on the eyebrows
    It is not optimal to perform microblading if you suffer from any kind of skin disease that causes rashes around or on the brows.
    If you get keloid scars
    Since microblading involves puncturing the skin, there is a risk of scarring.
    If you take Isotretinoin
    Some medications are not suitable in combination with microblading. If you are taking or have taken Isotretinoin (Accutane), I advise against treatment for 4-6 months after completing the course for the best possible results.
  • If you have sunburned skin or a rash on or around the eyebrows
    The skin should not be tanned (red) or have rashes and pimples on/around the eyebrows when the treatment is performed.
    If you have high blood pressure
    If you have high blood pressure, there is a high risk that you will bleed a lot during the treatment. If, on the other hand, you take medicine that lowers blood pressure, it is fine to carry out the treatment.
    If you have blood disorders
    We do not perform microblading if you suffer from one or more blood disorders.
    If you take blood-thinning medicines
    The risk of bleeding increases, which gives a worse healed result.
    If you have very oily skin
    Microblading is not optimal if you have very oily skin, as the result can be blurry and the durability is shorter. The combo brow is recommended instead.
    If you have very sensitive skin and superficial blood vessels
    This often leads to bleeding during treatment, which in turn leads to poorer healing.
    In the case of other diseases, chemotherapy treatments, diabetes etc., consultation with a doctor should take place before your treatment.



(Applies to both microblading and combo brows)
Do NOT do a chemical peel
Do NOT do a botox treatment
DO NOT sunbathe to avoid burning yourself
DO NOT pluck, wax, thread or dye your brows
DO NOT use brow serums or anything else that contains retinol
DO NOT use products that contain acids/peeling on the brows
Do NOT take pain relievers (paracetamol, ibuprofen), vitamin E and Omega-3
DO NOT drink caffeine or alcohol


(Applies to both microblading and combo brows)
During the first week, sun, bathing, saunas and intense exercise that causes sweating should be avoided. Also make-up on and around the area. The eyebrows must be kept dry and the surrounding area kept clean.
Wash your brows with water and apply a thin layer of the cream you bring home. Repeat this procedure 3-5 times.
DAY 2-7
Keep your brows dry. Apply a thin layer morning and evening. Brows should not be sticky or glossy, then too much cream has been applied. Crusts will form and fall off after about 5-7 days. Continue greasing until all crusts fall off.
DAY 7+
The brows are healed on the surface and the customer can return to their normal skin care routines. Continue to lubricate gently if crusts still remain.
DAY 30+
The brows are completely healed and ready for the return visit that is included.



We do not offer on-site consultation, but you are most welcome to email/send pictures if you have questions!

Is the treatment suitable for me?

We have created a guide so that you can make an assessment of whether you are a good candidate for the treatment. HERE you will find it.

What is included in the price?

The price includes the first visit, a return visit within 90 days and aftercare.

I have oily skin but want microblading, does it work?

Microblading (the straw technique) is not suitable if you have very oily skin or large pores on your forehead. Oily skin causes the strands to flow together during healing and you get a more shaded effect. More visits may also be needed as the pigment adheres less well. We recommend refraining from treatment if you have very oily skin. Slightly oily or combination skin is recommended to book the combo treatment (microblading + shading) instead.


The return visit included in the price must take place within 60 days of the first treatment. Since microblading is a two-step treatment, it is necessary to undergo a return visit for the pigment to last. During the return visit, you fill in where the color has come off. After the first return visit, the idea is to book a return visit about once a year to maintain shape and pigment.

How long does microblading/combo brows last?

Durability is very individual and largely depends on your skin type. Some need to fill up twice a year, while some fill up once a year or less often. If you have oily skin, you usually have to do refills more often.

I have an old pigmentation or tattoo, can I get a new one with you?

It depends on how it looks, how much pigment is left, etc. Always send good and sharp pictures of both your brows to hello@mybrowbar.se for an assessment of whether you have an old tattoo/pigmentation before you book an appointment. It can sometimes be difficult to get pigment to stick to an old tattoo, therefore we would like to inform you that additional visits may be necessary and these cost extra.

Does the treatment hurt?

The treatment is not painless but is experienced differently for everyone. Some don't think it feels much at all, while some find it unpleasant and in some cases painful.

Medicines and diseases

The treatment cannot be performed if you are taking any type of blood-thinning medication (such as Waran or painkillers).
If you take other medications, you should consult a doctor before booking an appointment.

I have been treated with botox, when can I do microblading/combo brows?

Wait at least 2 weeks after having Botox before your treatment.

Pregnancy and breastfeeding

We do not perform microblading if you are pregnant. This is because there is not enough research into whether the treatment can affect pregnancy. If you are breastfeeding, you want to do microblading, it is fine, but we recommend refraining from anesthesia or alternatively refraining from breastfeeding 48 hours after the treatment.

Which treatment should I choose?

Not sure which treatment to choose for your brows? Let us help you!
  • Microblading with the straw technique
    This technique suits you with dry to normal skin, who wish to fill in already existing brows with more "straws". The method gives a very natural result. Choose this method if you wish to fill in already existing brows. Remember that this method does NOT replace make-up, but gives you complete "no make-up" brows.
  • Combo brows (straws + machine shading)
    This treatment really suits everyone and is our personal favourite. If you have oily skin, this method is more suitable for you as the durability is longer. Many have the opinion that shading gives an unnatural and hard result, but development has moved forward and we create softly shaded brows that give a natural result.
    Choose this treatment if you have very few strands of your own, if you want a fuller result, if you want a more made-up result (then we can add more shading and smaller strands, for example) or if you simply want a pair of perfect brows!
    Still not sure which method to choose? Choose one of the treatments and we will help you decide on the spot what suits you best.